Review Guidelines

Have you visited an airbrush tanning technician that you would like to write about?

Well, we’d like to hear from you. So please take a look at our guidelines. They’ll help you write a useful review that other people can benefit from.


Our Awesome Guidelines

1. Be specific about the details.

Give examples that illustrate your experience. What did you dislike? What did you like? If you’ve been visiting you airbrush tanning technician for a long time, then tell us what it is about his or her service that makes you a loyal customer. Is it his or her friendly personality? Does he or she have an intimate knowledge about airbrush tanning? Whatever it is, let us know. After all, it’s what puts them a notch above the competition.

2. Get Real

Stick to the facts. Base your review on your own factual experience over the last twelve months. Don’t get creative. Remember that other people will be relying on your review and your technician may actually read the review. Telling an untruth, even if you’re mad and you think they airbrush technician deserves a good bashing, can only result in nasty things like hurt feelings and libel suits.

3. Be respectful

Don’t get nasty or call people names. Not only is it impolite, it lowers the quality of your review and makes you look like a jerk.

4. Think before you post.

Think out what you are going to write and say it in the most strait forward and grammatically correct way that you can. Do not use ALL CAPS. It’s considered impolite and is the Internet equivalent of shouting. Also, keeping your reviews between 150 and 250 words is good practice at getting your point across.

Here are some important things to remember.

1. Your review must be about your fairly recent experience, nothing more than a year old.

2. Your experience must be first hand. Don’t report other people’s experiences, only your own.

3. Stick to the facts, don’t embellish.

4. Don’t digress. Stick to relating your experience only, whether good or bad.

5. Stick to reviewing one airbrush tanning shop at a time. Don’t discuss every shop in town or the competition.

6. Don’t try to get leverage over or extort a shop owner by writing a bad review. If we think that’s what you are doing, we’ll take down your review.

7. A real name and email address is required to post a review. Don’t worry, we won’t share your email or spam you. We may need your address to confirm your posting. So, please reply if we ask.

8. Avoid brain dead nonsense like swearing, personal attacks, or being insulting or threatening. We’ll simply take down your review.

9. Please post your review only once.

10. You can’t review an airbrush tanning shop that you work at or own. This review site is for customers only. And yes, we can tell if you are faking it.


Remember that we read every review submitted to us before it is posted. We reserve the right to remove reviews without notice and to correct grammar and spelling.

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