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If you are an airbrush tanning technician or business owner and found your listing on our site, it’s very easy to claim your listing.

All you need to do is click on your business listing and then look for the image button “Claim listing”.  Then click on it and follow through with the steps.  Here is a sample image to illustrate where you can find the “claim listing” image:



If you are not able to find your business listing on our site, you can easily register for free and add your listing.  Click here to register your business.


What are the benefits of being listed in our directory?

  • more exposure for your business
  • get more client in the door by asking your clients to write reviews
  • many customers look for online reviews before making a purchase decision
  • according to Nielsen Research 78% of customers say they believe and trust other peoples recommendations/reviews more than any other medium
  • as the only airbrush tanning technican directory available on the internet we receive great search engine traffic and that means even more exposure and more clients for you
  • stand out and get more exposure by purchasing featured listings

Still not convinced why you should be listed in our directory?

Here are a few articles from that talk about the importance of why local reviews are so important and how to handle negative reviews:

Hopefully the above articles gave you a bit of an insight on how important it can be for your business to be found on our directory.

Don’t delay – Get started today.

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